5 Faces of Vincent de Paul (includes text)

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Formation, Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

Maloney large5 Faces of St. Vincent de Paul – which one do you know best?

Missionary… witness… formator… inventive… contemplative… active… prayerful… gentle… compassionate… these are some of the words used to describe St. Vincent de Paul.
Fr. Maloney writes…

Vincent de Paul lived 40 years longer than most of his contemporaries. Born to peasant farmers, he became a well-educated Parisian. Irascible and moody as a youth, he became gentle and warm as an adult. Ambitious and money-seeking as a newly-ordained priest, he came to be proclaimed as “Father of the Poor” and “Light of the Clergy”. He was the counselor of kings and queens and friend of most of the great spiritual leaders of the day. When he died on Sept. 27, 1660, all Paris mourned. They mourned because they loved him. So striking were his works that the preacher at his funeral stated: “He just about transformed the face of the Church.”[1]

Why do I tell you all this? Because Vincent’s human journey was very varied, as will be that of your students at DePaul. They will live through a wide variety of experiences. They will change as events and their own inner resources interact. As educators, we hope that they will grow as their lives unfold and that we can now offer them some of the tools that will enable them to adjust to life’s challenges. Shakespeare expresses the steps our pilgrimage quite graphically.

It was that way too with Vincent de Paul. Since he lived to be almost 80, his life had many seasons. He changed greatly over the years. Today I want to share with you various aspects of his person. Precisely because Vincent’s personality is so rich and his charism is so universally attractive, there are many “faces,”[3] so to speak, of Vincent de Paul. Today I share with you five, using art to illustrate these faces.

FamVin has just obtained the text Five Faces of St.Vincent from Father Maloney. He notes that he had adapted it to suit various audiences.

Use either the powerpoint or the text or both as an introduction to St. Vincent or as a refresher on the important keys to Vincentian Spirituality.



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