#famvin400 Praying with a Broken Heart

When people say they have a broken heart, they have entered a deep poverty. They pray, and sometimes there’s no answer. Vincentians are called to serve body and spirit. Listen to this Sarah Hart song. Lyrics I asked you for the light You gave me a long, dark night Gave me shadows for my path […]

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Matthew 25: A Vincentian Life Process

“A process for Christian Life, a practical way to respond lovingly to the God who first loved us.” You may have heard the expression “a Matthew 25 Christian,” referring to someone who emphasizes the Last Judgment in her approach to the faith. This approach takes the end point, final judgement, as the starting point and […]

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Immigration reform: Personal Perspectives Part 2

The following is the second of a two-post series on personal perspectives on Immigration Reform (to read Part 1, click here).  We begin with a video in which Sr. Mary McCauley (an advocate for comprehensive immigration reform) talks about the Postville immigration raid, and follow with Sr. Tracy Kemme’s deeply personal encounter in Guatemala with the mother […]

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What is Vincentian Collaboration?

This informative and challenging video was presented at the 2016 General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission. What is Vincentian Collaboration? Narrator: Vincentian Collaboration is nothing new. Its roots go back to Vincent, Louise and our founders. Rev. Pat Griffin, CM: If we define our Vincentian charism as a following of Christ through caring […]

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A Day to Hear the Call #VYD2016 #EJV2016 #WDM2016 #EIJV2016

It was a day dedicated to hearing the call. At Morning Mass — livestreamed by .famvin’s Tomasz Zielinski on Facebook famvinEurope— Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, C.M., Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission and of the Company of the Daughters of Charity (and Director General of the Vincentian Marian Youth), challenged the young people to […]

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New Video “Journey of Faith: The History of the Vincentians in the United States”

A new documentary, “Journey of Faith: The History of the Vincentians in the United States”, was produced by Anthony F. Kuzia, C.M., and Marian A. O’Brien who wanted to expand on the story of the first Vincentian Missionaries in the U.S., particularly to include some first person commentary by the missionaries themselves.

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