miraculous medal and lourdes

The Virgin of the Miraculous Medal and Our Lady of Lourdes #AnecdotesVF

The Virgin appeared to Sister Catherine Laboure three times; the first time in 1830. Almost no one knew who the seer was until the death of Sister Catherine: only her confessor knew, who was collecting testimony. The Miraculous Medal was originally called the “Medal of the Immaculate Conception” but, as the devotion expanded and had […]

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St. Justin de Jacobis: The Art of Dialogue

Father Robert Maloney, C.M., writes: More than a century before the word “inculturation” became popular, Justin [St. Justin de Jacobis] was a master of the art. He said to his listeners: “…if anyone should question you: ‘Who is this stranger?’, answer: ‘He is a Roman Christian who loves the Christians of Ethiopia more than his […]

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See the Lord Eyecare Ministry Helps 200 People

See the Lord, a nonprofit group “based on Catholic principles that seeks to serve the underprivileged,” provided free eye care and glasses to about 200 people in May at the Give Me a Chance offices in Ogden, Utah. Among those receiving the care were Linda Tobías and three of her children. She was particularly pleased […]

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The “Mystique” and the “Mystic”

One says mystique and the other says mystic. How do we understand a Vincent who liked to use this motto: “Action is our entire task,” and then would add, “Perfection does not come from ecstasy but rather from doing the will of God.” (SV 11:41. 317). Contemplative in action? Mystical apostle? Mystic of Charity? The […]

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Fr. Hamel

Daughters of Charity – witnesses to slaying of priest

The BBC website has an interview with one of the Daughters of Charity who was a witness to the slaying of a priest. The men arrived during morning mass in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, a working-class town near Rouen, northwest of Paris, where the 85-year-old parish priest, Father Jacques Hamel, was leading prayers. Sister remembers thinking “Well that […]

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Behind World Youth Day: Facts

As close to 2,000,000 youth gather in Cracovia for World Youth Day, it’s good to remember from where many have come, and what the world situation looks like. Facts: Youth are a significant group in the world. The number of youth between the ages of 15 and 24 is 1.1 billion; youth constitute 18 percent […]

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#famvin400 Praying with a Broken Heart

When people say they have a broken heart, they have entered a deep poverty. They pray, and sometimes there’s no answer. Vincentians are called to serve body and spirit. Listen to this Sarah Hart song. Lyrics I asked you for the light You gave me a long, dark night Gave me shadows for my path […]

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