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Daughter of Charity Calls Attention To Situation of Immigrants in PBS Documentary

Sister Denise LaRock, D.C. and her San Antonio-based Interfaith Welcome Coalition are featured in the PBS documentary series “Women War & Peace II”. See the video.

Why Be a Daughter of Charity in the 21st Century?

Greetings. My name is Dolores. I have been asked to share with all of you in a few words why I am a Daughter of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. So I begin by explaining why I follow "this man who gave his life for you and for me." Any option today, given the social...

A Call to Serve: Young Vincentian Having an Impact

In a video posted by Vinnies Victoria, a young Vincentian tells his story. Much like St. Vincent de Paul Society Founder, Frederic Ozanam, he first became involved as a university student.

Charism is the Core of our Lives: #VincentianMonth is Every Month

Living simply, caring for our planet and conserving resources, … are just a few of the ways we continue to live out the charism.

Create Your Charism #IamVincent

Create Your Charism #IamVincent

When I was young, I spent many weekends attending Sunday school. I learned the biblical stories of the Old Testament- Kind David, Solomon, Joseph. What I imagined as the ideal ‘perfect Christian’ emerged in my mind- someone of faith, good deeds, and someone who puts...



Throughout my life I have sensed — thanks to my parents, family, friends, through the school, the parish — how my name was tattooed in the palm of God's hand. How is this? Because it is not a feeling, but an experience. It is difficult to explain, but very real. I...

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