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Stories of Growth in Vincentian Spirituality #IamVincent

Sacred Heart College wanted to share some of the reflections of their alumni because they contain stories of growth in Vincentian Spirituality.

Happy Women’s Day: Check out “Herstory” on .famvin

Click to read all articles tagged "herstory"here on .famvin!   Herstory[1.Jane Mills, "Womanwords: a dictionary of words about women", 1992, ISBN 0-02-921495-5, p. 118] : history (knowledge obtained by inquiry) written from a feminist perspective, emphasizing the...

Daughter of Charity Calls Attention To Situation of Immigrants in PBS Documentary

Sister Denise LaRock, D.C. and her San Antonio-based Interfaith Welcome Coalition are featured in the PBS documentary series “Women War & Peace II”. See the video.

Why Be a Daughter of Charity in the 21st Century?

Greetings. My name is Dolores. I have been asked to share with all of you in a few words why I am a Daughter of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. So I begin by explaining why I follow "this man who gave his life for you and for me." Any option today, given the social...
Meeting Christ in Prison #IamVincent

Meeting Christ in Prison #IamVincent

Father McGeough agreed, saying that, “I’ve been a priest for 40 years, and I’ve never been thanked so much for just showing up. You will get a lot of gratitude in this ministry.” AT an informational meeting in the Diocese of Trenton (New Jersey, USA) pastoral center,...

Two Vincentian Scholars Honored @NiagarUniv

Two Vincentian Scholars Honored @NiagarUniv

Niagara University students Justin Crawford and Gabriella Simoneit were recognized by Heart, Love and Soul during the food pantry and dining room’s annual recognition dinner on April 6. Crawford (a native of Tonawanda) and Simoneit (of Niagara Falls) logged...

I am a Doctor, and #IamVincent

I am a Doctor, and #IamVincent

Sai Aung Phyo was inspired by the University’s Vincentian Mission of service. As a student in the Honors Program at St. John’s, he tutored classmates in biology, chemistry, and physics. During his free time, he also participated in the Midnight Run program, in which...

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