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Articles in Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

Advent Prayers & Spiritual Exercises

In 1657, St. Vincent wrote to St. Louise about how “to spend Advent well”.

Relive the Advent Prayer experience of the Vincentian Family 2020

On December 6, 2020 thousands of members of the Vincentian Family gathered together through the internet for a moment of prayer. This was an opportunity to give thanks to God and to express our hope as we approach anew the celebration of the birth of the Savior in the...

Advent Letter 2020 by Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM

In the Advent letter of this year, “marked with so much suffering, anxiety, and fear,”  Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM, the 24th successor of St. Vincent, invites us to fix our eyes on “Somebody who lives in us, whose Spirit fills every corner of our being.”

The Passion of Jesus and the Passion of Jean Gabriel Perboyre

In 1889, the Brief of Beatification of Jean Gabriel Perboyre stated, “Divine Goodness reserved for Jean Gabriel a truly celestial consolation and an honor without equal: the fact that the Passion which he underwent had a particular resemblance to that of our...

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