Articles in Spirituality and Spiritual Practice

The Vincentian Sisters of Untermarchtal Start a Prayer Network during this time of COVID-19

In order to help the people during the current crisis, the Vincentian Sisters of Untermarchtal have initiated a prayer network.

Becoming the Eucharist While in Quarantine

While re-reading the accounts of the last supper, I found three forms of Eucharist which will help us to become the Eucharist while in quarantine.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer during the Coronavirus Pandemic

José Antonio Pagola shares some suggestions for praying the Lord’s Prayer during this time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Relive the Prayer Gathering of the Vincentian Family (March 28) … Praying for an End to the Pandemic

On March 28th, more than 650  people from all over the world gathered together on Facebook Live for a moment of prayer led by Father Tomaž Mavrič, CM

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