My Experience in Uvalde, Texas

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The Catholic Extension asked for 10 Sister volunteers to be a part of their Fun Camp for the 3rd and 4th graders and their parents from Robb Elementary School. Many of whom lost loved ones in the massacre on May 24. “The Charity of Christ Crucified” urged me to volunteer. It was an amazing yet heart-wrenching experience.

The children spent the day with us doing fun activities, participating in game room joys, faith sharing, and making arts and crafts. Each of these stations were designed to bring about the beginning of healing for them. The week started off pretty quiet, but each day, the laughter grew louder and louder. We knew they were trusting us and having fun.

We invited the parents to join us for dinner each evening and they all shared stories of their loved ones who were murdered. The children spoke of losing their sister, their cousin, their best friend, etc. One child was a survivor who was shot in the back. He told of his trauma that he is still suffering from. There are murals all around the town of each of the 21 victims who were killed. One parent came every evening to watch them paint her daughter’s mural. Imagine! A twin sister told us of how much she misses her sister who was shot and killed. She herself did not go to school that day and would possibly have been killed also.

Please pray for these beautiful children and their families. Healing will take a long time if not forever. How deeply grateful I will forever be for this opportunity to see Christ in these beautiful faces and to perhaps bring the face of Christ to them! Uvalde Strong!!

Written by Sister Regina Hlavac, D.C.


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