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Articles for McKenna

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory (1 Cor: 10:31)

How is that the glory of God supplies motivation, gives the impetus for getting up and doing something?

In Praise of Complaining! (Job 7:17; Mk 1: 29-31)

Job has the well-deserved reputation as a complainer. Throwing up his hands, he whines to God, “How long is this misery going to lasts, this drudgery, these troubled nights.” (Job 7:1-7)

The Call: Where and What? (Mk 1:14-20)

God’s Call is a theme that runs all through the Scriptures. Where does God’s call occur and to what does it summon us?

“Reaching Back”(Mark 1:11)

There’s a phrase which often enough appears in stories having to do with someone coming up against his or her limits.

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