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Articles for McKenna

Sacramental Speaking and Listening (Ezekiel, 33; Matthew, 18)

A question often on the lips of a believer: where and how is God present in my life?

Broadening The Frame (Matthew 15:21-8)

An important element in this nurturing is what could be described as a frame, the boundaries through which they have been taught to look out at the world.

Not Enough (Is 55; Rom 8:39; Mt 14:13-21)

An often-heard question: “Is there enough to go around?” Sometimes asked out of kindness, it can also arise out of fear.

Receiving Communion (Mt 10:40, Lk 10:16; Jn 13:20)

After impressing on the disciples who he is and what he stands for, he declares, “whoever receives you receives me.”

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