Cycle of Hope

One year has passed since the United Nations’ General Assembly affirmed a Resolution on Homelessness.

To Trust God and Repent | Week Two

An Advent Journey with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton | A Five-Part Series. Week Two: To Trust God and Repent.

A Vincentian View: A Vincentian Crèche

An invitation from the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy asked me to create a reflection for their digital Advent + Christmas crèche calendar for 2022

Mom, How Long Until Christmas?

I suspect many of our parents remember how often we asked the question. “How how long until Christmas”? I remember I could hardly wait for the gift!s!

A Time For Thanks

A Time For Thanks

At this special time of the year when our thoughts turn to giving thanks, it is appropriate to reflect on the many reasons Vincentians have to be grateful.

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