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Vincentian Prayer Images: One of the Great Saints of History XXXIV

One of the reasons for Saint Vincent de Paul to be considered a key figure in the history of the holiness of the Church is his style of living his vocation. Each week we will present an example.

Mother Teresa’s “call within a call”

People, myself included, assumed that “call within a call” means a vocation within her vocation to religious life. 

Ukraine: Where’s the United Nations?

Why didn’t the United Nations prevent the war in Ukraine?  Isn’t it supposed to keep the peace? 

Hearing The Voice (John 10:1-10)

Years ago, walking along a crowded beach, I came upon a group of people gathered around a crying, screaming child.

Upset, Dismay, Annoy, Distress

Upset, Dismay, Annoy, Distress

Jesus is the peace between natives and foreigners, whites and blacks, men and women.  One, then, need not be upset by the other. Jesus says good-bye at length to his disciples.  For he wants them to keep their faith in him; he does not want trials to upset them. No,...

Upset, Dismay, Annoy, Distress

Distinctive Mark of Christ’s Disciples

Jesus is the proof that God loves us.  Sent by God, he teaches us to love.  He makes love the Christians’ distinctive mark and the means of salvation. Judas leaves so as to carry out fully the betrayal.  And this treasonous leave is a distinctive sign that Jesus’ hour...

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