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What Can We Learn From Anniversaries?

Whatever the anniversary, it gives us a chance to look back over the years since the event we’re marking, and reflect on how it has shaped us.

What is Systemic Change?

We are called to help our neighbours to change the circumstances of their lives by helping them remove the barriers which keep which keep them in poverty.

Women Religious Once Again Stepping Up

As evictions increase women religious are once again stepping up.

A Vincentian View: Joseph and Psalm 19 (Pleasure in Law)

Psalm 19 points in a similar direction and enables us to continue to reflect on Joseph as a just man in relation to the law of his people.

Misgivings, Doubts, Questions, Darkness

Misgivings, Doubts, Questions, Darkness

Jesus was once dead, but now he lives forever and ever (Rev 1, 18).  For God raised him from the dead.  May our misgivings not lead us to deny him. It is hard to get rid of misgivings.  And misgivings can easily arise even in the hearts of the disciples. But...

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