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The Mutating Vincentian Virus

COVID 19  Is both similar to and very different from the Vincentian Virus. St. Vincent was “patient zero”. We also know the power of the Vincentian Virus and how St. Vincent spread this powerful virus.

“Give Me a Double Share of Your Spirit”

The following is a short reflection on the formator seminarian relationship derived from the reading of the departure scene of Elijah from the book of 2 Kings.

Criminalizing Christ: The Nationwide Targeting of Homeless

Jesus says any time there is a hungry, thirsty or ostracized person, that person is Christ himself. And if we don’t share our food, our water, or our welcome, then we are rejecting the Incarnation of God in this world.

A Vincentian View: Wednesdays

Suppose that you served on the committee that debated the choice of the week to honor St. Joseph.  What day would you pick?

Loaves and Fish of the Poor for the Poor

Loaves and Fish of the Poor for the Poor

Jesus is the answer in full that the Father gives to our prayers.  And we poor people ask him to give us this day our daily loaves of bread. Jesus draws many people due to the signs he has performed for the sick.  But he seems to draw more people after going up on the...

Loaves and Fish of the Poor for the Poor

Gather the Scattered, Lost, Separated

Jesus Christ is our peace and rest.  He is with us to gather those whom the bad shepherds have scattered, misled and driven apart. The apostles gather together with Jesus.  They tell him how they have fulfilled the task he gave them.  The Teacher, for his part, sees...

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