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The Congregation of the Mission: Revitalizing Our Identity

Some preparatory materials are being provided ahead of the 2022 CM General Assembly, for reflection and sharing. One of the documents is “The identity of the CM at the beginning of its fifth centenary” by Vinícius Augusto Teixeira, CM.

Pope Francis – Mothers Hold Things Together!

We hope that everything will be all right and then, like a bolt from the blue, an unexpected problem arises. Our expectations clash painfully with reality. 

Quick Quiz On Homelessness (Most Will Flunk)

Everything you thought you knew about the homeless population is wrong, at least if your source is the one most people cite- the media or your own personal experience.

A Vincentian View: The Synod and the Spirit

Whenever I have taught the Epistles of Paul or instructed lectors on these texts, I emphasize that one must read these letters as if they were addressed to oneself and to a Christian community gathered to hear them. 

Program of the One Anointed with the Spirit

Program of the One Anointed with the Spirit

Jesus is Good News to the poor.  To be such news is his program as the One that the Father has anointed with the Holy Spirt and sent.  True to what the voice from heaven told him at his baptism, the Son takes up the Servant’s program.  We heard two Sundays ago that...

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