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The Call: Where and What? (Mk 1:14-20)

God’s Call is a theme that runs all through the Scriptures. Where does God’s call occur and to what does it summon us?

Aren’t We All “Flat-earthers”?

There is no doubt in my mind that the earth is a globe revolving in space! So how could I be a “flat-earther”?

Speak as Our Teacher Commands Us to Do

Jesus is the Word of the Father.  So, he does not speak on his own; the Father who has sent him commands him what to say (Jn 12, 49).  We, in turn, should only speak what Jesus tells us. God starts to speak, and just like that creation gets underway.  That means, he...

Vincentian Prayer Images: Vincent Involved Everyone

One of the forgotten truths about Vincent is that he never allowed himself to be trapped in ministerial silos. Rather, he was skilled in engaging a wide spectrum of people.

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