Revisiting – Are You an Original or a Photocopy?

Before we tackle that question … who framed that question?

St. Vincent de Paul: One of the great saints of history (Part 3)

Father José María Román, C.M. explains why Saint Vincent de Paul is to be considered a key figure in the history of the holiness of the Church. (Part 3 of 3)

A Vincentian View: Be Vincentian, Be a Listener

Each year at St. John’s University we celebrate Founder’s Week from September 20-27. 

Being Vincent de Paul (video)

Have you ever wondered what it would take for you to be St. Vincent de Paul?

Doubt the Quick “Yes” that We Say

Doubt the Quick “Yes” that We Say

Jesus is the firstborn from among those who do what is true and come to the light, so that there is no doubt that their works are just. No doubt, we have to love in deed and truth.  The second son in the parable says “yes,” but he does not do what the father asks.  No...

Doubt the Quick “Yes” that We Say

Commit to the Poor of Flesh and Blood

Jesus goes about doing good; he loves in deed and truth.  He does not just commit to an ideology.  St. Vincent is like him. St. Vincent wants those who follow him to commit with zeal to those who are poor (SV.FR XI:133-137).  And it seems that he himself cannot but...

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