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Vincentian Prayer Images: One of the Great Saints of History IX

St. Vincent wrote: “what a beautiful sight are the poor if we consider them in God…”

Vincentian Advent Reflection (Video)

This video presents two brief Vincentian Advent reflections: one on the Incarnation, and the other on Wisdom.

The Daughters of Charity in Ireland

Learn about the Daughters of Charity in Ireland in this video produced by Vincentian Family Ireland.

Should We Imitate a Servant King?

The most effective reporters highlight the impact on the life and concerns of a viewer. Pope Francis seems to instinctively do the same.

Brim with Jesus’ Justice and Love

Brim with Jesus’ Justice and Love

Jesus is King David’s just shoot.  He comes to make the earth brim with justice.  How he wishes that we get the name “Lord-Our-Justice.” Monsieur Jean Gicquel, —he means well, though he picks the wrong time—, cannot but brim with zeal to help Monsieur Vincent.  The...

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