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As a function of the Vincentian Family Executive Committee, we coordinate activities, provide information, and deliver formation experiences on the heritage and charism of St. Vincent de Paul to the branches of the Vincentian Family throughout the world. This includes promoting communication and collaboration among the various branches of the Vincentian Family, as well as opportunities for leadership to meet and to develop ways to work together.

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Our Focus:

  • Vincentian Family database maintenance,
  • International Vincentian Family Councils development,
  • International and national leaders’ biennial gatherings,
  • International Vincentian commissions coordination,
  • Resources through: Famvin Digital Network, social media and consulting services,
  • Advancement research, promotion and mentoring supports.

A Place for Resources

We work to support the many National Councils of the Vincentian Family, providing information, formation, and development of advancement strategies.

Who We Are

Evolving Vincentian Family

Over four hundred years ago a smart and ambitious young man, Vincent de Paul, started to become aware of the suffering and abandonment of poor and marginalized people and decided to consecrate his life to serve them. It was 1617. Today over four million people follow in his steps. The Vincentian family today is large, multicultural, multilingual, and prophetic with more than 150 branches all over the world. Our office is currently surveying and cataloging these branches who claim a common Vincentian heritage.

The Vincentian Family Commissions

VF Communications Commission (1998):

VF Communications Commission (1998):

develops and coordinates our internal and external communications strategies in social media, on the web, in the press, and other communications vehicles.

Commission for the Promotion of Systemic Change (2007):

Commission for the Promotion of Systemic Change (2007):

works to educate the VF in the principles of systemic change and to assist them in the creation of systemic change projects.

VF Haiti Initiative (2009):

VF Haiti Initiative (2009):

collaborates with partners in the creation of systemic change initiatives that build the capacity of Haitian people to meet their own needs and claim their human rights.

VF Collaboration Commission (2011):

VF Collaboration Commission (2011):

calls forth and galvanizes the next global generation of Vincentian Family members to effect collaboration in order to help people and communities emerge from poverty.

VF Homeless Alliance (2018):

VF Homeless Alliance (2018):

our newest initiative in the fight to eliminate the plight of homelessness around the world.

The Vincentian Family Task Forces

Vincentian Family Task Force on Formation:

is working to create an online site where formation resources can be found, as well as to identify the areas of our common charism which are still in need of development.

Vincentian Family Task Force on Youth and the Charism:

assists us in the creation of social media expressions of the charism in ways in which the young of today can articulate, understand, embrace, and act upon it.

Vincentian Family Task Force on the Charism:

The Vincent de Paul Center for Social Spirituality in the Netherlands will facilitate the work of lay theologians in the further development of our understanding of the charism from a lay perspective.

Vincentian Family Task Force on the Transmission of the Charism:

has been formed to study how to best transfer the leadership of ministries sponsored by religious to lay leadership. They will offer to the Congregations of the Vincentian Family the shared wisdom of experience, best practices to follow, mistakes to avoid, and the hope that their efforts will continue to bear fruit for those they wish to continue to serve.

Vincentian Family Task Force on the Creation of a Culture of Vocations:

has been formed to assist the Vincentian Family in the creation of a “culture of vocations” for all the Branches of the Family, consecrated and lay. They will propose the minimum of a three year process which can be used to intensify our efforts to attract new members to the work of the Charism and the Family.

Vincentian Family Office Advisory Committee:

is made up of national VF leaders from all the continents in which the VF works.  Its purpose is to assist the Office in keeping it connected to the lived experience of the VF internationally, and especially on the local scene is made up of national VF leaders from all the continents in which the VF works.  Its purpose is to assist the Office in keeping it connected to the lived experience of the VF internationally, and especially on the local scene

The Vincentian Family Special Projects

Festival de la Canción Vicenciana

Festival de la Canción Vicenciana

Pueden participar los miembros de la Familia Vicenciana de cualquiera de sus ramas, colaboradores y participantes de cualquier obra vicenciana (parroquias, colegios, etc.) y, en general, cualquier cristiano que desarrolle una canción original e inédita (compuesta para la ocasión), a partir de este lema. No hay límite de edad para los participantes.
Visita la página web dedicada al festival pulsando aquí.

Vincentian Music Festival

Vincentian Music Festival

Members of the Vincentian Family, in any of its branches, collaborators and participants of any Vincentian work (parishes, schools, etc.) and, in general, any Christian who develops an original and unpublished song (composed for the occasion), from this motto, can participate. There is no age limit for participants.
Visit the dedicated website by clicking here.

The Vincentian Family

Executive Committee

Top row, left to right: Sr. Grace Hartzog, SC (Sisters of Charity Federation-North America), Fr. Tomaž Mavrič CM (Congregation of the Mission), Sr. Barbara Flad, SC (Sisters of Charity Federation: Strasbourg), Fr. Joe Agostino CM (Congregation of the Mission), Sr. M. Teresa Slaby, SC (Sisters of Charity Federation: Strasbourg) and Fr. Sanjai Devis, VC (Vincentian Congregation), Fr. Sebastian Thundathikunnel, VC (Vincentian Congregation).

Bottom row, left to right: Ms. Alicia Duhne (International Association of Charities), Br. Lawrence Obiko (Congregation of Brothers of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy), Ms. Dee Mansi (International Association of Charities), Mr. Renato Lima de Oliveira (Society of Saint Vincent de Paul), Sr. Eileen Haynes, SCL (Sisters of Charity Federation-North America) and Mr. Ricardo Tavares (Society of Saint Vincent de Paul).

Absent: Sr. Kathleen Appler, DC (Daughters of Charity), Sr. François Petit, DC., Bro. Broer Huitema, C.M.M.



News & Announcements

News from the Vincentian Family Office & coverage of our worldwide visits

News & Announcements

News from the Vincentian Family Office & coverage of our worldwide visits

Pilgrimage of the Image and the Reliquary of Saint Vincent de Paul
Peregrinación con la imagen y reliquia de san Vicente de Paúl
Pèlerinage avec l’image et les reliques de Vincent de Paul
Peregrinação com a imagem e relíquia de São Vicente de Paulo
Pellegrinaggio dell’Immagine e delle Reliquie di San Vincenzo de Paoli
Peregrynacja podobizny i relikwiarza św. Wincentego a Paulo


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