Questioning God’s First Question, Where Are You?

Do you remember God’s first question? It’s one parents often ask their children. But it is also one that has many meanings according to the context.

Justice’s Role to Prevent the Attack

Blessed Frederic Ozanam wrote, “Charity is the Samaritan who pours oil on the wounds of the traveler who has been attacked. It is justice’s role to prevent the attack.”[

A Vincentian View: Tongues of Fire

We live in a world and at a time that has much need for the energizing fire of the Holy Spirit.

Let Me See Again!

The blind beggar never saw it coming! No pun intended! I mean it quite literally. He was no doubt hoping and praying that someday he would be able to see. But did he ever think that it would actually happen that day. .. and in an encounter with Jesus? (Luke 18:35) The...
Teachers and Baptizers of All Nations

Advocate, Teach, Remind and Lead

Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit from the Father. This Spirit of truth is upon us to advocate for us who are weak but seek to fulfill our mission. Jesus knows that his disciples need an Advocate to speak up for them and defend them. After all, they show time and again...