The Mission and Vocation of the Priest– and Religious, and Lay Person– According to St. Vincent

Missioners — priests and brothers, Daughters of Charity, and [lay] members of confraternities of charity are for St. Vincent, first of all, baptised Christians.

What Did Jesus Did Not Have?

Everyone has an idea of what the Catholic Church needs to appeal to people today!

Letter from Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM, on the Occasion of the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul 2023

As usual at this time, Fr. Tomaž Mavrič, CM, President of the Executive Board of the Vincentian Family, has sent a reflection to the entire Vincentian Family on the occasion of the feast of Saint Vincent de Paul on September 27.

A Faith Dynamic (Matthew 18:19-20)

“Listen and Respond.” If there ever were a pair of words to stir up action, these are the ones.

Admire the Thoughts and Ways of God

Reach by Grace the Unreachable Star

Jesus is not of the world.  Nor are his true disciples.  They get to reach what we who are humans find hard to reach. There is no doubt that the way Jesus teaches is not the same as others’ way.  For he teaches with authority, not as the scribe.  Also, there is such a...

Live with a Higher Purpose

Live with a Higher Purpose

There is a beautiful story which tells us about the importance living with a sense of higher purpose in our daily life. Once a man was passing by a construction site. The workers were busy with their different kinds works. He was curious to know what they were doing....

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