Challenges of “Walking the Talk”

There are times when I have thought of another “Yeah, talk is cheap”! Other times I have stood on the sidelines in awe, watching how well another ”walks the talk.”

Corinth – Is the Past Prologue?

In “The Tempest,” Shakespeare wrote, “What’s past is prologue!” Antonio is rationalizing the past as setting the stage for their next act, as a prologue does in a play.

Distraction… or Insight?

After communion, I admit to being distracted by watching the line of people coming up to receive the Body of Christ.

Shocking Statements!!!

The front pages of tabloid newspapers scream shocking statements. News pundits and internet “influencers” specialize in shocking “clickbait headlines.”

Do You Have Memories of Your Grandparents?

My personal relationship with my grandparents is complicated. I never knew either my father’s or mother’s parents. Yet I know more about my great grandparents than just about anyone reading these words.

Prophetic Episcopal Message Washes Up On Beach (Part 1)

The story echos one that appeared in the Washington Post earlier this year. A message in a bottle that traveled 3,200 miles helped heal a Maryland boy’s grief I knew I had to write something about the escalating violence in our culture. Then, as if discovering a...

New Wineskins Today

This past weekend I experienced a bit of what is sometimes called an “earworm.” Some use this as shorthand for not being able to get a tune out of one’s head. In this case, it wasn’t a tune or the lyrics of a song. I kept thinking of Jesus’ image of the “new...

Don’t You Understand?

I never gave much thought to what is involved when I hear or ask the question, “Don’t you understand?”

How My Father taught me about “Our Father”

A seminarian opened my eyes! Some 50+ years ago, I was his supervisor in what was then called a field education program. He was sharing something that dawned on him after visiting a local prison.

Questioning God’s First Question

Do you remember God’s first question? It’s one parents often ask their children. But it is also one that has many meanings according to the context.

Politics – Did you know…?

Last week Pennsylvania held primary elections. I take voting seriously! I am also curious. So I decided to ask Google and Alexa what people have said about politics. I found myself on a website that offered a section with literally hundreds of politically-themed...

Do You Do the Dishes?

Calls for social change are quickly politicized …therefore quickly colored red or blue, rarely purple. I wonder how St. Vincent would be colored?

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