Facing St. Joseph’s Challenges Today

Often we want to get around troubles and challenges in life rather than go through them.  If only we could skip from the beginning to the end without going through the middle. 

St. Patrick: A Prophet for Social Justice

I must admit the above title caught my eye. I never considered Patrick as a Prophet for Social Justice. Wander down this path with Kevin Ahern. You may be surprised.

A Surprise Gift From Pope Francis

Much to my surprise, Pope Francis seemed to comment on yesterday’s Mindwalk. Of course, I know he never read it … but his reflection today certainly fit! See if you agree with his comments on “Blessed are the poor in Spirit.” Pope Francis begins with a question Who...

Are You a “Quiet Influencer”?

One of the buzzwords among internet literati is “social media influencer.” That’s “digital speak” for someone who has an impact on what others think, say, and do.

Where Would You Begin?

Today I ask you to imagine where you might expect Jesus would begin his mission and who would he choose?

Imagine That!

But let’s look at God’s imagination and the imagination of St. Vincent de Paul.

God’s Record as a Recruiter

The Jerusalem headhunters would not have been very interested in Jesus’ leadership team. They preferred the way rabbis were picked from among the most promising in their schools.

I Never Saw It Coming

I knew the letter was coming. But I never expected to be drawn as deeply into it.

Is Christmas Over?

In this Vincentian Mindwalk, I am asking whether Christmas is the celebration of a moment in the past or something that takes place in your life every day?

Tell me who your friends are…

“Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are.” These words are but echoes of words spoken over 400 years before Christ.

How NOT to Imitate Christ

In this season, as we prepare for the birth of Christ, I am reminded of Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus.

How Many Languages Does Mary Speak?

In a sense, I have never outgrown the “why” stage of childhood. Parents may realize it is all part of children trying to understand their world.

Should You Rethink How You Think?

Sometimes it seems that everybody wants to change our way of thinking. That has probably always been true. But it certainly feels truer now in our polarized times.

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