Imagine Saying This Today!

What is most important to you – your nation, culture, class, race, gender — or first and foremost being in God and a new and international community of God’s people?

Is the Church a Closet?

Is the Church like a closet where we wistfully keep things from the past, a dreary chamber filled only with us, our problems and our disappointments? Then it will be impossible to recognize God’s silent and unassuming presence.

Writing Straight With Crooked Lines

Vincent and Louise were at best an improbable couple. We are blessed to know the outcomes of the 35-year intersection of these two lives.

Are We Ministerial “Rip Van Winkles”?

For over twenty years we have been living in the very early stages of a “digital revolution.” We are just now beginning to realize how this digital revolution is impacting every facet of our lives.

The Spirituality of “Nouns and Adjectives”

It could be said that we are living in a culture of adjectives that forgets about the nouns that name the reality of things.  But also a culture of the insult as the first reaction to any opinion that I do not share. 

First Aid or Long-term Solutions?

Magdalena puts a face on the problem. But where is that place and is it possible to follow the guidelines we have been hearing.  The story of one woman who is affected.

Unrecognized Experts

People experiencing poverty have an expertise that can not be taught in a classroom. They know their situation from the inside. They understand many dimensions of poverty that may not occur to us.

A Daring Prudence – Systemic Change

“… create a Family that looks to the past for inspiration, but is also eager to create a vibrant innovative collaborative future in the service of the most abandoned.” Fr. Robert Maloney

Mary and the Mommy School

Three words sum up Mary’s attitude: listening, decision, action. They are words that point out a way for us too as we face what the Lord asks of us in life. Listening, decision, action. (Pope Francis)

Wide-angle View of the Vincentian Family

We are people with a mission…to do what Jesus did. Pople who use the skills of their profession in frontline “field hospitals” or mobilize those who are committed to “seeking long-term solutions.”

A Challenge is in the Air

Think about the hot button issues of the day: Police reform, Climate change, Poverty, Homelessness, Election reform, Systemic racism, #metoo… Tou name it. People are calling for more than just quick but temporary fixes. People are calling for systemic reform.

Can You Put Yourself In This Picture?

I am not an Ethiopian at the beginning of a thousand-mile journey. Actually, I am on a lifelong journey of trying to “put on the mind of Christ,” to see things as Jesus, the stranger in my life, sees them.

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