I’m Glad God Didn’t Listen to Some Naysayers

It is a variation of an ancient story. Humans were making a mess. They forgot that they were all sisters and brothers. They each were looking out for themselves and their immediate “blood family.”

“Home for the Holidays”

For many of my years, “Home for the Holidays” was in the back of most people’s minds come Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How Many Saints Do You Know?

I grant there may be few among us who have had the privilege of meeting the likes of the saint we call Mother Theresa. Yet, you and I have touched, or been touched by, saints.

Pope Francis’ “Puzzle Box Picture”

Years ago, I could easily lose track of time with a 500 or1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. The picture on the puzzle box inspired me to see how the pieces fit together.

Biblical Coverups and Gotchas

They were comfortable… until they were told a story. Then they learned an uncomfortable truth. The person in the story out there hid in their own heart.

Seeing Beyond the Facts On the Ground

Many of us wear glasses. Others may need glasses to read. But that’s not the seeing I am asking about. I am asking how many of us see beyond the facts in front of us.

“All Are Welcome” … Really?

We are many decades into the phenomenon of shopping for “gated communities” of like-minded people. So many do not experience that they are welcome.

United Against… Or… With Our Enemies?

On 9/11 we immediately think of the pain and suffering, the injustice of the attacks. This leads to a defensive stance united against our enemies. The emotions run deep.

Jesus – An Obnoxious Guest

Just imagine! You spent a lot of time, money, and energy in preparing a dinner party… perhaps a wedding or a birthday.

Can You Believe What the Pope Said About Old Age?

Six months ago, Pope Francis began a 16-part reflection on old age by asking the Holy Spirit to help us understand and appreciate the great contribution that the elderly can make to a just and fraternal society.

Are You Looking Up… or Around You?

A late 19th-century artist, James Tissot,  graphically posed a question for us today. In his depiction of the Ascension, he asks, “Why do you stand looking up into heaven? (Act 1:11)

A Blessed Who Wore Blue Jeans and Nike?

In many ways, he was very much like his peers. But in a most important way, he was different: He had a tremendous love for the Eucharist, His passion was Jesus Christ.

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