Is Afghanistan A Place Far Away?

Did a question ever lead you to think more deeply? Frederic Ozanam did … and sought help to understand it at a deeper level.

Which Labor Day Are You Celebrating?

Is Labor Day the last hurrah of summer? The weekend to catch supposedly fantastic sales? A recognition of the dignity of work? It is all that and more!

Mark’s Gospel – Coping With a New Normal

Mark, as any good pastor would, uses Jesus stories circulating in oral tradition to help a community understand how the gospel is “good news”… even in the face of catastrophe and persecution.

If Nuns Ruled the World…

A self-described agnostic, Jo Piazza, writes… “I may not believe in God, but I do believe in nuns.”

An Unorthodox Orthodoxy Test

There are all kinds of orthodoxy tests. We might even pass an orthodoxy oral exam. But how many can claim to actually lead lives reflecting this belief in crisis situations?

Can Stories Change the World?

Parents learn quickly the power of story as a pacifier. But the stories also shape values. Stories and the lived stories of our example are how we learn our values. Jesus knew the power of stories! Do you really want to change things? Tell a story!

Leaven or Fungus for “Thy Kingdom Come!”?

Leaven is “a pervasive influence that modifies something or transforms it for the better.” Fungi are the principal decomposers in ecological systems. When are we leaven … and when are we fungi for the Kingdom?

Is the Our Father a Radical Prayer?

Jesus was a radical who was fully committed to doing God’s will. He showed us how radical he was when laid down his life for us. As he hung on the cross he said “Father, forgive them. They know not what they are doing.” Certainly the words of a radical!

Sisters Challenging Me To Think More!

No matter what era or even whether we went to a Catholic school, I suspect the teachers we remember most favorably were the ones who taught us to think.

The Mutating Vincentian Virus

COVID 19  Is both similar to and very different from the Vincentian Virus. St. Vincent was “patient zero”. We also know the power of the Vincentian Virus and how St. Vincent spread this powerful virus.

Slow Seeing? Slow Eating? Slow…?

“Slow seeing.” I had heard about “slow walking,” “slow eating,” “slow cooking,” etc. So probably I should not have been surprised.

Lawyer? Vincentian? Vincentian Lawyers!

A National Association of Vincentian Lawyers already exists in Peru. And others are springing up in other Latin American countries. Many hope to form an International Association of Vincentian Lawyers.

Flying Geese, Fighter Pilots and Ministry

The next time you watch a flock of geese, pause for a moment — think about what they can teach us about ministry in general and, especially, “long-haul” ministries of systemic change.

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