Formation: systemic change stories

The Forgotten Part of “What Must Be Done”

When St. Vincent asked  “What must be done?” he looked beyond what was always done. Is there a better way of doing what we have always done?

The Vincentian Family In Time-lapse Photography

Listening to “A Daring Prudence,” Fr. Robert Maloney’s overview of the development of the Vincentian Family, evoked metaphors from photography.

If You See Something Good, Say Something Good!

It is all too easy to fall into the trap of sharing bad news. Rather… let’s SHARE GOOD NEWS! Affirm it, publicize it when we see it!

An Opportunity For The Vincentian Family To Halt Hate

What could be simpler than to collaborate in committing oneself to respond compassionately to situations for a 24 hour period?

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