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Articles in Poverty: Analysis and Responses

A New Way of Thinking– A Par-Recycle Works Story

PAR-Recycle Works is a nonprofit electronics recycler in Philadelphia, USA. They have important stories to tell. Here’s one of them.

What Did St. Vincent Do For the Homeless of His Day?

Vincent and Louise de Marillac were deeply committed to the education and moral formation of young people living on the streets or in dire conditions.

The Ozanam Center of Sant’Antimo Welcomes Many Young People in Difficulty

At the Ozanam Centre in Sant’Antimo, we find children with sad stories, where the volunteers’ can give them confidence and courage to move forward.

British Politician’s Formula to Help Homeless: They Need Work, Not Just a Roof Over Their Heads

Rome Reports News agency interviews Dame Louise Casey, a British Government official and now the head of the Institute for Global Homelessness.

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