Articles in Disasters and Responses

Join us in Prayer and Support of Ukraine and her People

We didn’t think that we would live to see this-time of war… but until the end people didn’t expect such an attack on Ukraine from many sides.

Plea for help for International Association of Charity (AIC) in the Ukraine

We are all shaken by the war that has just broken out in Ukraine. The news we are hearing since last Thursday fill us with great concern for the whole population, whose lives have suddenly been disrupted. We are in contact with Yana Krutsey, the AIC Ukraine President,...

Batsirai Cyclone in Madagascar

Once again, Madagascar has been hit by a natural disaster that has received little media coverage. This time, the Batsirai Cyclone traced a path of devastation from the south-eastern coast across the southern highlands to the coast of Mozambique, devastating mainly...

Solidarity extended to Lebanon: thank you!

AIC-Lebanon sends its warmest thanks to all those people who generously sent donations after the explosion that devastated Beirut on August 4th.

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