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Articles in Disasters and Responses

Volcanic Eruption Ile Lewotolok – Lembata, Indonesia

On November 25, 2020, a thick plume of smoke appeared above the mountain of the Ile Lewotolok in Lembata, heralding a volcanic eruption. Two days later, stones and a thick ash shower encompassed the surrounding area.

Working on Behalf of the Victims in Guatemala

On June 3, 2018, the eruption of the Fuego volcano (Guatemala) buried dozens of people and left hundreds of families homeless and many more at risk.

“Kéré”: Famine in the South of Madagascar

The people in this region have always suffered from food shortages, which have been dramatically exacerbated in recent years by climate change.

Hurricane Eta in Honduras, Second Phase: Returning Home

“To return home” … we have all heard or used that expression on many occasions. Usually those words have a positive meaning.

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