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Articles in International Association of Charities – Ladies of Charity

St. Louise’s Notes on the Ladies of Charity

A presentation based on some notes written about the early Ladies of Charity by St. Louise de Marillac.

10 years of the Tsiry project: review and outlook

From AIC International When the “Tsiry” (“seeds” in Malagasy) literacy project started in autumn 2010 with the training of teachers, nobody had any idea how long-term, successful, and sustainable the programme would be. Since 2011, 5509 adults and 2180 children,...

AIC Training Video Series for Feast of Saint Louise, Part 9

The ninth and final video in a series offered by the AIC International Training Team to mark the Feast of St. Louise de Marillac.

The unforgettable experience of a Venezuelan volunteer in Bogota

It is Faith and total trust in God and the Miraculous Virgin that has enabled the Daughters of Charity to overcome the very difficult times that the pandemic has forced them to confront.

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