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How Can You See … But Not See?

The quick answer is… find a pair of rose-colored glasses.

Vincent Outgrew “Zip Code” Politics!

Vincent grew beyond his original ministry zip code!

Lawyer? Vincentian? Vincentian Lawyers!

A National Association of Vincentian Lawyers already exists in Peru. And others are springing up in other Latin American countries. Many hope to form an International Association of Vincentian Lawyers.

Flying Geese, Fighter Pilots and Ministry

The next time you watch a flock of geese, pause for a moment — think about what they can teach us about ministry in general and, especially, “long-haul” ministries of systemic change.

Is the Church a Closet?

Is the Church a Closet?

Is the Church like a closet where we wistfully keep things from the past, a dreary chamber filled only with us, our problems and our disappointments? Then it will be impossible to recognize God’s silent and unassuming presence.

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