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Fighting Food Waste

According to a report of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), 2,500 million tons of food are thrown into the garbage.

The Rosary As Scrapbook of Mary’s Memories

You all know what a scrapbook is. It is not about throwing away scraps. It is about keeping memories alive.

Pledging a “Better Kind of Politics”?

Pope Francis calls us to “build a better kind of politics”. The USCCB suggest almost a “12 step program” for building community as envisaged when we truly commit to what we pray for in the “Our Father.”

Me-ism In Our World … and Church

Me-ism! A lens to understand our world, church… and the three year “synodal process” beginning October 2021.

Matthew 25: A Vincentian Life Process

Matthew 25: A Vincentian Life Process

“A process for Christian Life, a practical way to respond lovingly to the God who first loved us." You may have heard the expression “a Matthew 25 Christian,” referring to someone who emphasizes the Last Judgment in her approach to the faith. This approach takes the...

Improving Recipes Over Time

Improving Recipes Over Time

Tynesia Boyea-Robinson writes: My Aunt Janice’s biscuits are legendary. They are fluffy, buttery and light. Whenever we visit her in Alabama, we stop by to gorge ourselves on these delectable treats. I recently had a hankering for the biscuits so I asked for the...

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