Part II: Systemic Change Regional Coordination Meeting for Asia

by | Nov 19, 2016 | News, Systemic change

sys-change-asia-fi-part-ii“Systemic change is a spirituality, a mindset, a presence that listens, and an experience.” This was the line that encapsulated the first day of the SC meeting. As the second day started with the reflective “Prayer to the Different Directions,” the participants’ mood was set for the day’s agenda. Right after the recap, Jim Claffey and Sr. Teresa Mueda, DC from the International Commission presented the five points of hope and the two major issues on leadership and funding as the underlying themes of the different sharing of the previous day.

Mr. Claffey then stressed the value of coordination, collaboration and cooperation as he elaborated on the topic, “Collective Impact.” This was followed by the sharing of Sr. Teresa Kotturan, SCN on the role of the Vincentian Family at the United Nations Organization and the Sustainable Development Goals which were very informative inputs.

The participants were then asked to group themselves by countries to discuss the possibility of seeing themselves in the regional level, choose representatives and present plans for the promotion of SC in the local, national and international levels. As a consensus, and with the practical considerations of geographical size and location, culture and visa permits, it was decided that Asia would have two regional teams, South Asia and Southeast Asia. The coordinators and country representatives are:

1. South Asia – Mr. Joseph Pandian (India)

2. South East Asia – Fr. Atilano Fajardo, CM and Ms. Pamela Mantuhac

Indonesia – Sr. Engelina, PK

Philippines – Ana Maria Escaño

Thailand – Sr. Consolacion Eata, DC

While the regional coordination and country representations are yet to be finalized, the hope is for both teams to strengthen their Systemic Change promotion within the represented countries and then expand towards those nearest them where the Vincentian Family branches are present.

The day ended with a concelebrated Thanksgiving Mass with the Indonesian confreres, Fr. Yulius, CM and Fr. Ignatius Soparno, CM, as the main presider and homilist respectively. Adding color to the simple closing was the Traditional Thai “Loi Krathong” experience wherein each participant was given a basket with lighted candle and incense to float in the pond afterwards.

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