Our “Real Families”

I often heard two seemingly contradictory thoughts about parents in “real families.”

Please Don’t Feed the Trolls

In the language of the internet, a troll is a person who makes inflammatory, insincere, or otherwise off-topic comments in a social setting.

St. Vincent Experienced War

St. Vincent was painfully aware of the dire situations he faced and the rich nuances of Vincent’s response. What can we learn from Vincent and Pope Francis’ responses?

How My Idea of Lent Has Changed

I never used to think about Lent until Ash Wednesday and the ritual of receiving ashes. My earliest recollection of Lent is that I wanted it to be over.

Who Is Pope Francis Listening To?

One of the great games in the press, both secular and religious, is wondering who Pope Francis listens to on matters of pastoral care for the entire Church.

The Challenges of Change

A thread stitches almost all these posts together. Change! They all focused on something that called for a change. We are all on a journey of change together.

Claiming the Gift of Vincent’s Charism

Vincent was also a genius in organizing and networking. His passion for the poor expressed itself through an empowering humility that invited others to share their gifts.

My Favorite Image of God

As I look back over my life I realize how, over time, my relationship to God has emphasized one or another person of the Trinity.

If I were John the Baptist…

In the back of my head, I have wondered why Jesus was baptized. After all, Jesus is the Son of God. He is sinless. There had to be something more.

When Your Whole World Changes

We use the word “apocalyptic” to describe such catastrophic events. But that is not what the word apocalypse meant in biblical terms. Then it meant to reveal something new.

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