Do You Pray For Systemic Change?

When things are important to us we pray. Perhaps we should ask when was the last time we prayed for the success of systemic changes?

Vincent Showed Us… With Help from Women

Vincent showed us how to change systems St. Vincent showed us how to do systemic change… but he did not leave a formal manual or even call it "systemic change." Vincent was not what would today be called a "systems thinker.” Vincent was what I call a “systems doer.”...

Does Any Of This Fit You?

Do any of the following characteristics fit you? You might be surprised by what it says about you.

A Lifetime of Waking Up

Lent is a time of waking up. Vincentian Lent is waking up using St. Vincent de Paul’s spiritual exercises of the the five virtues.

Vincentians Are About Belonging… And Tension

Heeding the call to conversion that translates into being servants of hospitality and communion and belonging brings with it tension. But this tension is part and parcel of the Gospel challenge to wake up to belonging. Let’s be the bridge to belonging.

A Vincentian Version of the Super Bowl?

Ultimately our mission as followers of Christ the Evangelizer of the poor is to help our brothers and sisters across the finish line of awareness that we are brothers and sisters because we are sons and daughters of God.

The Vincentian Question – What Must be Done?

One of St. Vincent’s benefactors turned to Vincent de Paul and asked: “what must be done?” Often referred to as the "Vincentian Question," this question has shaped the Vincentian mission ever since. I was reminded of this when a read some commentary on the Women’s...

It is Important to Tell Success Stories

Telling our success stories is a key to moving past the impasse of “no margin-no mission" Mission or Margin "No Margin, No Mission” is frequently heard in non-profit circles, especially from those charged with safeguarding the long-term viability of a non-profit. The...

Who said…?

Who do you think said it? Pope Francis? Maybe St. Vincent? When were these words uttered? Within the past month? Year?

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