What If St. Vincent Had Called a Synod

For the past few weeks Pope Francis is hosting a Synod of Bishops devoted to the issues faced in the Amazon region, sometimes called the lungs of our earth. What Would Vincent Say?

The Dream Behind Mission Sunday

Mission Sunday theme – “Baptized and Sent: The Church of Christ on Mission in the World.” certainly has strong echos of the Vincentian call to walk in the footsteps of Christ the Evangelizer of the Poor!

Who Shaped… and is Shaping the Church Today?

Every time some idea was proposed at Vatican II which appeared new, I said to myself “Saint Vincent taught us that!” Sr. Guillemin, DC on her experience as an official “auditor” at Vatican II

Jesus the Rude Guest

Popes Benedict and Francis call us to imitate God who reached out to us an invited all of us to sit at the table.

New Cardinal in the Mold of St. Vincent de Paul

A new Cardinal in the mold of St. Vincent de Paul Imagine a parish that has 100,000 people in 53 distinct communities... and 3000 trained ministers! St. Michael Archangel Parish is not an imaginary parish. It has a membership of 100,000 people in 53 distinct...

Hazard! – Dangerous Thinking Ahead

Vincent and Louise, Frederick, and indeed all the great figures of our Vincentian heritage, were not afraid to ask what has become known as the Vincentian question, “What must be done?”

Take it from a German! A Faith Alive

It was an Irish celebration. But it was a profound celebration of a faith that goes far beyond just people of Irish heritage. It touched me deeply.

A Conductor Notices

We may sometimes feel like that piccolo player – that we don’t have much to offer, that if we stopped our ministry no one would notice anyway. Yet the Great Conductor notices, and needs us to complete his orchestral masterpiece!

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