The “Dignitas Infinita” Declaration and the Vincentian Charism

Jesus was born and raised in humble conditions and revealed the dignity of the needy and workers.

Firewood for the Soul: The Unexpected Encounter

A weekly reflection for all the Vincentian Family, from Australia.

The God Minute: Trinity Sunday

Fr. Jeff Harvey., C.M., preaches about the Good News of Trinity Sunday: that Jesus the Risen Lord wants us to share His Divine Life in the oneness of intimate familial love with His Father and Holy Spirit.

The Small Graces We Receive from God • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

We are not sufficiently grateful for God's little benefits. We thank Him for having created and redeemed us, and given us good parents, and a wife, and beloved children, and for so often giving us Himself in the Sacrament of the Altar. But besides these powerful...
Catch the Good News of Jesus Christ

Catch the Good News of Jesus Christ

The one who has risen is the same Jesus of Nazareth that the disciples have known, loved and followed on the roads of Galilee.  To be his witness means to see to it that other folks catch the Good News.  Those who make up a group can easily catch each other’s fears or...