Sent Ones, Men and Women, of Jesus

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As the Father sends him, so Jesus sends his disciples.  These sent ones carry out what their Teacher tells them to do. 

By the sheer grace and will of God through Christ, the apostles preach, cast out many demons, and heal the sick. For they do not do so on their own; they are Jesus’ sent ones, apostles.

Yes, he is the one that calls them. They are not professional preachers making a living that way. He takes them from their jobs and sends them out. And he sends them out two by two, so what they preach may be strong through their witness as two adults. So as to highlight, too, that they should work hand in hand. He also shares with them his power over evil spirits.

And the apostles, in turn, do not share the way they think, see things or live. They do not speak or act in their own name, but in the name of their Teacher. Their words and works point to the Good News he preaches. And to his healing power that he gives to them also.

So then, they do what he does. And in this way, they work with him in the project of the kingdom of God. In this kingdom, utopia is reality: folks are no longer under the power of demons, find healing for all kinds of diseases and know fellowship.

Jesus’ sent ones carry out their mission as he tells them.

From one town to another they go, from one village to another. They go about preaching; they are itinerant preachers. It is not for them to settle down in one place or seat of power or rule, of security, wealth. Nor are they locked up in their own interests and well-being, forgetful of the poor. They wear sandals, since they walk. Their staves are for walking, too, not for beating others.

And they do not ask in worry, “What will we eat, drink, wear?” Hence, they carry no food, no sack, no money in their belts, no second tunic. It is enough for them to wear what common folks and the poor wear. They do not wear robes with long tassels. And they trust in God who is good and in the folks who are generous. So, they are thankful for what others give them and do not look for what is better.

And they seek most of all the kingdom of God and his justice. Their life makes known that the kingdom of God is imminent, about to come; the way they are and live preaches the Good News of the kingdom.

Lord Jesus, grant us to be with your sent ones and to preach by words and by works the Good News to the poor, as we ease their sufferings, take care of their spiritual and temporal needs, help them in all the ways we can, and get others to help them so, too (SV.EN XII:77). And do not let us play the master (SV.EN XI:313). Make us like you rather, as we serve others to the point of giving up our bodies and shedding our blood.

14 July 2024
15th Sunday in O.T. (B)
Amos 7, 12-15; Eph 1, 3-14; Mk 6, 7-13


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