A Canadian View: Hope Can Overcome Hopelessness 

As we enter another Christmas time with lots of hopes and prayers it may be a good time to reflect on this world, we are living in which at times seems like a hopeless situation for many. 

A Vincentian View: Back to the Beginning

Are you ready for the beginning of a new liturgical year?

Is Advent “Missing In Action?”

During this Advent season, may I suggest a modest approach to recovering the sense of our radical  Advent hope.

Go out of the Old World of Old Men

Jesus sees fit to go out of the bosom of the Father to announce the Good News to the poor and to bring in the new heavens and the new earth.  It seems that John, like Jeremiah, has the Lord’s word in his heart as a fire one cannot put out. It makes the son of...
Is July 4 a dangerous memory?

Is July 4 a dangerous memory?

Americans see Independence Day as one of the three significant holidays of the summer. But it brings with it the dangers of injuries from fireworks. These injuries can be quite serious. Yet, there is an unrecognized danger… and challenge! Independence Day falls in the...

Yoke That Is Easy, Burden That Is Light

Yoke That Is Easy, Burden That Is Light

Jesus soothes those who are weary and carry heavy burden.  To take his yoke and learn from him is to know the Father and find rest and ease. In wonder, Jesus thanks the Father.  For, though Lord of heaven and earth, the Father favors with revelation the little folks. ...



There is an interesting story of an atheist who considered faith in the incarnation of Jesus as absurd. On a Christmas night when all the believers where in the Church to celebrate the birth of Christ, he stayed back at home. That night there was big thunder storm and...

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