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A Vincentian View: The Synod and the Spirit

Whenever I have taught the Epistles of Paul or instructed lectors on these texts, I emphasize that one must read these letters as if they were addressed to oneself and to a Christian community gathered to hear them. 

Pope Francis – Magi School of Seekers Visiting Professor

I thought I was finished with the feast of the Epiphany for this year. Then I read the text of Pope Francis’ homily on the feast.

Program of the One Anointed with the Spirit

Jesus is Good News to the poor.  To be such news is his program as the One that the Father has anointed with the Holy Spirt and sent.  True to what the voice from heaven told him at his baptism, the Son takes up the Servant’s program.  We heard two Sundays ago that...

Vincentian Prayer Images: One of the Great Saints of History XVI

The Daughters of Charity should consider the poor as their lords and masters…

Gather the Scattered, Lost, Separated

Gather the Scattered, Lost, Separated

Jesus Christ is our peace and rest.  He is with us to gather those whom the bad shepherds have scattered, misled and driven apart. The apostles gather together with Jesus.  They tell him how they have fulfilled the task he gave them.  The Teacher, for his part, sees...

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