Being Evangelized By The Poor

The phrase “the poor evangelize us” is an experience common to all who have encountered the poor.

Mindwalking Keeps Surprising Me

For me, ”mindwalking” is always a surprise!I never know where the surprise is hiding. I rarely end up where I thought I was going.

Doctrine of Discovery and Its Implications!

As a member of the Vincentian Family Social Justice Advocates group, I am grateful that we have taken the time to delve more deeply into racism, white privilege, the legacy of Native American Boarding Schools in USA and Canada, and at our April meeting, the Doctrine of Discovery.

Creativity, a Vincentian Challenge

One evening in the early 1970s, Michael Pachovas and a few friends wheeled themselves to a curb in Berkeley, Calif., poured cement into the form of a crude ramp, and rolled off into the night.

Fulfill with All Our Heart What God Wants

Fulfill with All Our Heart What God Wants

Jesus is the most blessed of those who are blessed since they fulfill what God wants.  And he is the way that leads to God, and to bliss and peace. There is much we yet have to do to fulfill Christ’s wish that all Christians be one.  And that we let others know by our...

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