A Vincentian View: Out of your Mind

Has anyone ever accused you of being “out of your mind?” 

Where Would You Begin?

Today I ask you to imagine where you might expect Jesus would begin his mission and who would he choose?

Her Doing Heart: Key Relationships in Elizabeth Seton’s Life (Part 5)

Sr. Margaret John Kelly, DC, who died this past Nov. 24 in Emmitsburg, wrote the following excellent article on Mother Seton. In this series we present her article in six parts. (Part 5)

Delight the Earth and Enlighten the World

Jesus is the great light that shines on those who walk in the dark.  He is the delight of those who live in the land of gloom. As God’s wisdom, Jesus rejoices in the earth and finds his delight in humans (see Prov 8, 31).  And, of course, for him to be with us also...
Approach Jesus Christ with All Our Being

Approach Jesus Christ with All Our Being

Jesus is the Son through whom God has spoken to us humans in these last days.  We Christians are to approach and hear him, and be what he says. God wanted the Israelites to prepare for his coming down to Mount Sinai to give them the law.  He told them, through Moses,...

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