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A Vincentian View: Joseph and Listening

In the current time with all our issues, St. Joseph can stand forth to teach us as a just man, as a worker and family man, as an obedient believer, and as a quiet person with an ability to listen.

What Paul, Vincent de Paul, and Martin Luther King Never Dreamed

We all get surprised by life and its ups and downs. We are often forced to rethink our dreams. Sometimes we discover or rediscover our mission through these ups and downs.

Willing to Hear and Proclaim Jesus

Jesus is the Firstborn among the prophets who are willing to hear and proclaim the word of God.  He does not tire until he brings forth justice on earth. Peter and Andrew are so willing to follow Jesus that they answer his call just like that.  They do not ask the...

Vincentian Prayer Images: What Would Vincent Say Today

What do you think he might say if you asked him about recent events in our world?

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