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Outskirts of Large Cities and Towns

Jesus has become poor so that we may be rich by his poverty.  He chooses but the poor on the outskirts to witness to him. The word of God comes to John in the desert, on the outskirts.  That is to say, the son of Elizabeth and Zechariah is the prophet of the Most...

Vincentian Prayer Images: One of the Great Saints of History IX

St. Vincent wrote: “what a beautiful sight are the poor if we consider them in God…”

Should We Imitate a Servant King?

The most effective reporters highlight the impact on the life and concerns of a viewer. Pope Francis seems to instinctively do the same.

A Vincentian View: A Thankful Man

In this year dedicated to St. Joseph, I have written several times on the way in which the Psalms can express the thinking and praying of the Holy Family. 

Sisters and Brothers All by Blood

Sisters and Brothers All by Blood

Jesus is the only Son who is in the bosom of the Father.  Through him, we are children by adoption, and so we cry, “Father,” which then means we are sisters and brothers. Jesus says that his mother, sisters and brothers are those who do God’s will (Mk 3, 35).  It...

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