How What I Dreaded Became a Source of Life

St. Vincent placed great importance on what he called “Repetition of Prayer.”

Vincentian Advent Reflections 2023 – Week 2

We are called to be compassionate to all.

A Canadian View: Hope Can Overcome Hopelessness 

As we enter another Christmas time with lots of hopes and prayers it may be a good time to reflect on this world, we are living in which at times seems like a hopeless situation for many. 

A Vincentian View: Back to the Beginning

Are you ready for the beginning of a new liturgical year?



In the Bible, the First Book of Kings chapter three and four speaks about King Solomon and the greatness of his rule. He had a strong administrative structure. The army was also very strong and he was sovereign over all other neighboring kingdoms. During his rule we...

Jeopardy and the Our Father

Jeopardy and the Our Father

I am not a regular viewer of Jeopardy. But the depth of its appeal fascinates me. I was amazed at how many records the show has broken literally over generations! It and it’s stars to resonate with the values of our culture.

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