Distraction to Insight

I was implicitly taught to regard that as a distraction from focusing on the Body of Christ I just received. Suddenly, with insight, I became grateful for this “distraction”!  What changed?

Bottom Land (Mt 5:21)

We all know the phrase, “getting to the bottom of it.” It means digging down beneath the outside appearances to the inner core of something

Heard any Shocking Statements?

Heard any really “shocking statements” in the last 24 hours?

Contemplation: True Presence

This post originally appeared on Vincentians are doers, we are people of action. We love God, as St. Vincent said, “with the strength of our arms and the sweat of our brows.” [CCD XI:32] We believe, as Frédéric did, that “religion serves best not to think,...
Adore the Father in Spirit and Truth

Adore the Father in Spirit and Truth

Jesus shows us how to adore the Father in Spirit and truth. To learn from him, then, means to keep the true religion.  At Sinai, God tells the Israelites that they are not to adore other gods. Yet they later adore a molten calf. And they hail it as Israel’s god that...

Zeal for God’s House

Zeal for God’s House

On the third Sunday of Lent, for the liturgical reading we have the gospel in which we read about Jesus’s action of cleansing the temple of Jerusalem by driving out those who were selling things in the temple by saying, My house shall be a house of prayer; but you...