Undervalued Gift

I am finally becoming aware of the gift I have taken for granted all my life. The home we call Planet Earth. I suspect I am not alone in this.

Solidarity – in Life, Death, and New Life (Mark 14:1-15:47)

A remark I once overheard: “I don’t mind suffering when nobody knows about it – as long as somebody knows about it!”

Doubting Thomas – the Fact-checker

’Doubting Thomas’ gets bad press. But in today’s post-truth world, full of fake news and disinformation, there is much we can learn from him”, says Rev. Peter Crumpler.

Contemplation: To You Alone – SSVP USA, a Weekly Reflection

This post originally appeared on To offer the benefit of the doubt is to assume the best of somebody even when you are uncertain of the truth. Is this not what we are called to do in our encounters with the neighbor? Thomas, we are told in John’s gospel,...
Destroy the Idols that Make Us Slaves

Yoke That Is Easy, Burden That Is Light

Jesus soothes those who are weary and carry heavy burden.  To take his yoke and learn from him is to know the Father and find rest and ease. In wonder, Jesus thanks the Father.  For, though Lord of heaven and earth, the Father favors with revelation the little folks. ...



There is an interesting story of an atheist who considered faith in the incarnation of Jesus as absurd. On a Christmas night when all the believers where in the Church to celebrate the birth of Christ, he stayed back at home. That night there was big thunder storm and...

Destroy the Idols that Make Us Slaves

Paradoxes: Signs of the New Creation

Jesus brings in the new creation. The paradoxes that he lives and teaches let us know what the new creation means. Jesus uses hard sayings and paradoxes to announce the Good News.  And there are, in today’s gospel, examples of these hard sayings and paradoxes. For...

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