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Listening to Sounds in the ER

I write this Vincentian Mindwalk fresh from an unplanned 24 hours in our local hospital.

Advance Notice (Lk. 10:1-2)

When breaking into any new territory, organizations send out what is known as an advance team.

Who Are the Wise People In Your Life?

Hopefully, you are blessed to have some wise people in your life!

Laborers of the Lord of the Harvest

God’s Anointed and Sent One is here.  And with him comes great harvest.  That is why there is need for not a few laborers. God hears those who pray and ask, “May there be plenty of grain in the land.  May it sway on the peaks of the mountains.”  But, of course, to...
Bless, Break, Share, and Serve

Bless, Break, Share, and Serve

Christ shares his blood with us as we bless with him the cup of thanksgiving.  And he shares his body as we break the bread. Nowadays, we voice out not so noble feelings; we rant.  We are more ready to curse than to bless, to tell others to their faces their faults,...

Bless, Break, Share, and Serve

Pour out God’s Love into Hearts

Jesus loves us to the end, to giving his life for us.  To follow him means to give up our bodies and pour out our blood for others. Jesus does not speak expressly of the Most Holy Trinity.  He only shares with us and shows us his experience of God as a good and loving...

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