“Practicing” The Faith (Malachi 3:19-20)

As with all literature, there are many words in the Scriptures that need interpretation, that second look to get at their more underlying meaning.

Looking Out and Looking Up (Luke 19:1-10)

Luke’s 19th chapter begins with a story of “two people looking.”

65th Anniversary of Vincentian Brother Alfred Smith’s Service

To keep God’s people safe and alive in their battle against Amalek, Moses has to hold his arms high in the air for a very long while.

Stand Up and Go! (2 Kings, 5:14-17; Lk 17:11-19)

For all of us who have been through the pandemic, we know first-hand how disease and sickness have a way of separating us, how they can isolate and cut us off from the rest of life.

Not Just Interesting, But Moving

“Not Just Interesting, But Moving”           (Exodus 3; Psalm 103) There’s a difference between things that are interesting and things that are intriguing, between things which make us curious and things which actually move us. I can pick up a score of a symphony and...

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times       (Lk. 5:1-11) Here are some things to note in this Gospel about Jesus getting himself involved in a fishing expedition with Peter and his friends. For one thing, there’s Peter’s state of mind. He’s exhausted. All night on the...

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times

Who is Family – Fr. Tom McKenna, CM

“Who is Family?”     (Mk 3:31-5) To better digest this story about Jesus’ question, “Who are my mother and my brothers?” I ask you to try a little exercise in imagination. You’re at a family wedding, brothers and sisters, mother and father, cousins and children and...

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times

Getting in the Spirit

Father Tom McKenna offers the following reflection Getting “In the Spirit”     (Samuel 18; Romans 8) The story of David and Goliath is set inside a larger narrative about the fall of Saul and the rise of David. And the difference between these two is that one, Saul,...

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times

Hannah’s Prayer – Fr. Tom McKenna

Fr. Tom Mckenna offers this reflection on Hannah’s Prayer     (I Samuel 1:9-20) In a talk on the spirituality of the Twelve Steps, the speaker told a story of a woman who was being swept along in a powerful ocean current. She was a swimmer and so at first wasn’t...

Hearing The Word in Pressured Times

Reading the Signs: Dark or Light?

In this reflection, written for a celebration of the feast of the Epiphany Fr. Tom McKenna offers thoughts on how do I understand this particular story -- how am I reading the signs -- that is so outside my usual way of looking at the world? You could look on this...

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