Vincentian View

A Vincentian View: Thanks for Saving Us

In the Gospel of the day, we hear the crucified Christ ridiculed at the end of his life.  Listen to the way in which each group mocks Jesus.

A Vincentian View: Precious in God’s Sight

The stories in Luke 15 (the lost sheep, coin and son) forcefully draw our attention to our importance in the eyes of God.

A Vincentian View: If you see something, do something

All of us have become familiar with the incentive that has become part of our national effort to protect each other and our country:  “If you see something, say something.” 

A Vincentian View: No Chaining the Word of God

Four of Paul’s epistles are called “captivity letters:”   Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians and Philemon. 

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