Articles for Vincentian View

A Vincentian View: Being Rich in What Matters to God

The blessing of abundance carries with it a responsibility.  Jesus points out that truth when he tells the parable of the rich man with the abundant harvest. 

A Vincentian View: The Better Part

One of Vincent’s instructions to the Daughters of Charity involved the decision on what to do when the obligation for prayer and the obligation for service collided. 

A Vincentian View: Bearing the Marks of Jesus

Paul ordinarily employed a scribe to write down the letters that he dictated for the benefit of his local churches.  Sometimes, however, he picks up the pen himself to write a last few lines.

A Vincentian View: The Body of Christ

On occasion, some college campuses run a program called “The Last Lecture.”  We have done it a few times at St. John’s.

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