vincentian spirituality

Advent Receptivity (Matthew 3:1-12)

One way to hear the Advent Gospel message is to put ourselves in the shoes of all those people walking out to that desert to listen to John the Baptist.

“Practicing” The Faith (Malachi 3:19-20)

As with all literature, there are many words in the Scriptures that need interpretation, that second look to get at their more underlying meaning.

Looking Out and Looking Up (Luke 19:1-10)

Luke’s 19th chapter begins with a story of “two people looking.”

65th Anniversary of Vincentian Brother Alfred Smith’s Service

To keep God’s people safe and alive in their battle against Amalek, Moses has to hold his arms high in the air for a very long while.

Prioritizing (Lk 14: 25-9)

Widening The Gate (Luke 13:22-30)

One of Jesus’ more intriguing images is that of the gate, the entranceway into his Father’s Kingdom. Entrance depends in large part on the practical steps we take to build the kind of unity, accord and cooperation that reflects his Father’s world.

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