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Articles for vincentian spirituality

Setting Out (Acts 9:1-20)

As far as beginnings go, we’d have to look far and wide to find something more dramatic than the one portrayed in chapter 9 of the Acts of the Apostles: Paul knocked over and blinded on that Damascus road.

“First Generation Disciples”(John 10: 14-15)

“Handing on the tradition” is a phrase often connected with matters of faith.

Living “As If”(Acts 4: Jn 20)  

Where are the assurances that these claims about Jesus rising to new life have any substance?

We Remember, We Celebrate, We Believe

All of us have heard the phrase, “living in the past.” Usually it has a negative ring – – somebody missing out on the good things happening now because he or she lives on memories of a bygone day. 

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