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Articles for vincentian spirituality

Being The Beloved (Isaiah 40:11: Lk 3:22)

A gift – something given over freely, with good will and coming not from obligation but from good will and esteem. It raises the question: of all the gifts to receive, which would be the most valuable and precious?

Three Epiphany Words (Mt 2:1-12; Is 60:1-6)

This thread of “Stop, Look and Go” winds through the words and actions of this Feast of Epiphany.

Ready to See (Luke 3:1-6; Phil 1:9-10)

What the teacher had done was prepare him to see. She had given him a way to notice more of what was there.

Intertwining Worlds (John 18: 33-37)

More than most any other, the feast of Christ the King immerses us in this swirling dilemma of negotiating worlds.

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