vincentian spirituality

Already and Not Yet (Mt 25: 14-30)

A phrase often on Jesus’ lips: “The Kingdom of God” — or in another iteration, “the Reign of God, His Father.”

Fuel For The Light (Matthew 24: 42-44)

Jesus parable in Matthew’s chapter about the 10 torch-bearing virgins concerns actions to be taken in the face of a delay — for us a delay in the coming of The Lord, Jesus.

Echoes (Luke 12:35-38)

I’ve always had a liking for country music. One of the special effects its singers use is what might be called echoing.

Lord, I Am Not Worthy (Mt 21:28-32)

Reading Jesus’ parable about the two Sons, it struck me how often in the Gospels Jesus leans in favor of the ones who are out of favor.

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