Frederic Ozanam

Learning from Our Children and Our Parents • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

What an incredible moment when I heard the last cries of my beloved wife and the first cries of my daughter!  What an incredible moment to behold that child, small but immortal; that child that God placed in my hands; that child that has brought me much love and many...

Weaving God’s Plan • A Weekly Reflection with Ozanam

We, all of us, are like the weavers of the Gobelins, who, following out the pattern of an unknown artist, endeavor to match the threads of diverse colors on the wrong side of the loom, and do not see the result of their labor. It is only when the work is complete that...

Frederic Ozanam’s Social Justice Vision, Blended with Personal Action

Frederic Ozanam’s life was a dramatic fusion of intellectual achievement and direct, personal action.

Lessons of Frederic Ozanam: Community Service as a Learning Experience

Frederic Ozanam believed in the value of experience, thoughtfully reflected upon. From an article by Raymond L. Sickinger, Ph.D.

Frederic Ozanam and Social Justice

Frederic Ozanam and Social Justice

In an article that originally appeared on the website Justice Matters Ireland, Sr. Claire Sweeney, DC, writes: According to Ozanam, social justice demands that all Christians be a leaven in society. Writing to Lallier in November 1836, he says: “…if the question which...

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