Articles for Frederic Ozanam

Charity and Humility of Frederic Ozanam

Frederic Ozanam lit a lamp of charity– the St. Vincent de Paul Society– in this world, the flame of which has shone with brilliancy ever since.

In the Footsteps of Frederic Ozanam

Slideshare presentation illustrating how Ozanam proclaimed the truth and served the poor in 19th century France. From a homily of Cardinal André XXIII.

The Lay Spirituality of Frederic Ozanam

The primary reason for the St. Vincent de Paul Society’s existence was and is to increase the holiness of its members, by service to those in need and by building deep friendships.

Vincentian Influence on Catholic Social Teaching

Did you know how Vincentian Family members who set the stage and later advised Pope Leo XIII’s 1891 landmark statement of catholic social teaching “Rerum Novarum” (New Things)?

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