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Articles for Frederic Ozanam

“I, Frederic” – New Book on Frederic Ozanam

I chose to write an “autobiography” of a man who never wrote an autobiography. 187 years after his death, I did this because I have such admiration for him.

Vincentian Prayer Images: Home visits à la Frederic

(We learn about those we serve)… “not from books nor from the public platform, but in climbing the stairs to the poor man’s garret, sitting by his bedside, feeling the same cold that pierces him.” Frederic Ozanam

Vincentian Prayer Images: Carrying Firewood To a Widow of Cholera Epidemic

What can I do as an individual to help others cope with their fears and losses?

Blessed Frederic Ozanam and the Cholera Epidemic of His Time

Looking at some of Frederic Ozanam’s experiences during the cholera pandemic of his time, we can draw many parallels with our situation today.

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