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Articles for Frederic Ozanam

Vincentian Prayer Images: Doing What We Can

What holds me back from doing what I can? Do I pray that we live this heritage today?

Seeing Potential and Fostering It In Young People

It has been written of Frederic Ozanam: “While innovators wore themselves out with theories for changing the world, these young men set about climbing up to the floors where the misery of the poor hid.”

Vincentian Prayer Images: Frederic Ozanam and Concern for Workers

The juxtaposition of Labor Day (9/7) and the feast of Blessed Frederic (9/8) can give us much to pray about.

In the Mist of Crisis, “Seek First the Justice of God”

As in the days of Frederic, more than 150 years ago, our society is suffering a turbulent period of crisis and wars that discourage us.

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