Frederic Ozanam

Lessons of Frederic Ozanam: Community Service as a Learning Experience

Frederic Ozanam believed in the value of experience, thoughtfully reflected upon. From an article by Raymond L. Sickinger, Ph.D.

Anecdotes of the Vincentian Family: Ozanam at University, and Money

Frederic, while pursuing his studies of Law and Letters at the University of Paris, was almost always short of money. In several letters to his parents (not all, but many) he gives them account of his impoverished economy. He could have to buy a new pair of trousers...

Anecdotes of the Vincentian Family: Ozanam the polyglot

Frederic did not need modern audiovisual media (now apparently essential) to learn languages. He, at age 17, already knew Latin, Greek, began studying Sanskrit and Hebrew — to be able to translate from the original sources —, and studied German and Italian. By the...

Ozanam: The Inspiration Continues

This film was written and Directed by Bruce Dynan, and produced for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory (ACT) State Council, Australia. It was posted online by the Society of St. Vincent de Paul USA.  ...

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