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Formation: collaboration

An Unrecognized Challenge For the Vincentian Family

COVID 19 is by no means the only pandemic we face. We need to work together… That requires a culture of collaboration.

St. Vincent de Paul: Model of Collaboration

Live together as having but one heart and one soul so that by this union of spirit you may be a true image of the unity of God (- St. Vincent de Paul, IV:238).

Bl. Rosalie Rendu: Serving and Advocating for Persons in Need of Health Care

In addition to caring for the sick poor in their homes, Blessed Rosalie collaborated closely with the civil authorities responsible for the assistance of those who were poor.

Leaders of 100 Branches of the Vincentian Family Gather – Why?

Some 200 leaders of 100 Branches of the Vincentian Family Gather in Rome – Why?

Service with Expansive Vision

Service with Expansive Vision

Collaboration amongst the Presentation Sisters and the Daughters of Charity in Australia has produced a fruitful organization dedicated to those living in poverty and on the margins. Below is an insightful article from Global Sisters Report by Sr. Lucy van Kessel...

A one person collaborative effort?

A one person collaborative effort?

Mark McGreevey’s in combatting homelessness are successful because the many people he’s recruited to work with him from all walks of life in seven countries, and soon many more. He’s also successful, because he successfully roped the Daughters of Charity, a few of us priests and brothers and tons of lay Vincentians to join him.

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