Articles in Homelessness

The Vincentian Family is Helping Families in the Philippines to Rebuild Their Lives

Thanks to your generous gifts, the FHA raised 118,236 USD. These donations will allow us to provide 100 emergency shelter kits and build 13 permanent typhoon resistant houses for families in need.

When is $500 per month more than $3,000?

Cynthia Griffith, writing for Invisible People, backed up this “new math.”

Have You Ever Thought About These Issues?

Did you ever think about these issues homeless people face? The following four headlines caught my eye during the past month.

Homeless People with Cell Phones?

Seeing a homeless person with a cell phone raises eyebrows for some people. A formerly homeless person tells how it was a lifeline.

Vincent’s Homes

Vincent’s Homes

Vincent’s Homes (Philadelphia, PA, USA) is an outgrowth of the 13 Houses campaign, which has as its focus housing the most vulnerable and providing long-term, stable housing for individuals who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

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