Handcuffs Will Not Stop Homelessness!

In a recent reflection on the site Invisible People, Robert Davis makes the point that handcuffs will never solve homelessness.

“Homelessness is a silent war on children”

What is the average age of homeless persons in America? Over 50 Between 30 and 49 Between 15 and 29 Below 15 I really wonder how many would have guessed age 11, much less that it is a well-researched fact. (as of January 2022). More info at this link Cynthia Griffith...

Charity Shower Project for Homeless in Brazil

Basic necessities such as access to a shower, hygiene products, clean clothes and health care were a luxury out of reach for the street population, before this project.

How Do You “Encounter” a Person Who Is Homeless?

But you shouldn’t build up “talking to a homeless person” in your mind as something that’s vastly different from talking to any other kind of person.

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