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Articles in Homelessness

What did St. Vincent do for the Homeless?

The homeless ranked high on Vincent’s agenda. A careful analysis of his life, writings, and conferences produces a very concrete picture of his works on their behalf.

A Hometown Success Story

“More than 95% of those who cycle through [Project HOME]… have never again returned to life on the streets— a success rate that has made the program a model for dozens of other U.S. cities.”

Diaries of a Vincentian: A spoonful of hope! 5ml of vodka at a time

Mary searched my face for judgement. She really wanted to tell me her story of homelessness without feeling a gaze of disapproval.

A Refresher Course – Homelessness and the Vincentian Family

A refresher course about the Vincentian Family Homeless Alliance – What is the Famvin Homeless Alliance? Its Roots – Collaborative work of the Vincentian Family 400 Years Ago – Updates

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