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Articles in Homelessness

Which Costs More – Housing or Health Care?

After one year, BJC Healthcare estimated the cost of care for the enrolled homeless clients was reduced to $230,000, representing an estimated annual savings of nearly $400,000 or 71%. No doubt the financial people were quite pleased.

University Investigations: The Effects of COVID-19 on Global Homelessness

Join students of the International Relations class in the Department of Political Science of Niagara University in a presentation and discussion of their research on the effects of COVID-19 on Global Homelessness.

A Homeless Veteran and Cancer Survivor

Lucrecia is a cancer survivor and was in the army for four years. She lives homeless in a tent in Los Angeles’s Koreatown.

Diaries of a Vincentian: Kenya

The rains can be heavy in Kenya, and with climate change, there is more out of season rain. It erodes the traditional mud and stick built houses.

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