Addressing homelessness across Brazil: a joint Vincentian effort

As we remember October 17th’s Eradication of Poverty Day – a day of global significance – we would like to reflect on the plight of those struggling with homelessness in Brazil.

Where Do You Fit In Now?

How do you further conversations with people who have different starting points and live in other categories than your own?

Public Transportation – Convenience, Hassle, or Lifeline?

A 2015 Harvard study found that access to reliable transportation is the biggest factor in determining whether someone will escape poverty and avoid homelessness.

13 Houses Project Reaches 17 Families in Brazil

The involvement of the National Council of Brazil (CNB) of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the 13 Houses Project has led to the renovation and/or construction of 17 houses throughout the country. The call for proposals, which ended on February 28, in...