The Commissioning of Two Houses to Two Families With Insufficient Accommodation

by | Aug 6, 2023 | Homelessness, News | 2 comments

Botswana finally joined the many countries that have benefited from the FAMVIN Homeless Alliance funding, by building two houses for two families that lived in insufficient accommodation.

It all started during Rev. Sr. Mary Tansi, and the Youth group’s visit to families in their community, that, Sr. Mary Tansi came in contact with them. They lived in two Swiss (mud houses) on their brother’s compound. One had seven children, and was jobless. They lived in deplorable conditions, all cramped in one room, and there were no toilet facilities 

In 2019, Sr. Mary Tansi attended a meeting in Rome, which was organized by FAMVIN. She related the families situation to them, and by God’s grace, FAMVIN Homeless Alliance funded her project to build two houses for them. It was a great day for these two families, as they never dreamt having a decent room over their heads, let alone a three bedroom house. 

The project was supervised by Rev. Fr. Anthony, S.V.D, the parish priest of St. Catherine’s church in Tonota. It was commissioned by His Lordship, Bishop Anthony Pascal Rebbelo, from the Diocese of Francistown. 

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  1. Freda

    A Job Well Done. Making a difference in the lives of the two Families. God Bless You +

  2. isabel fesser

    GRAciAS por darnos noticias de Botswana!!!