Articles for Mary the Mother of Jesus

Vincentian Prayer Images: It Took Courage For Mary To Say Yes!

It took courage for Mary to say Yes!

Thanksgiving with Mary … and a Dangerous Memory

Mary’s Magnificat is a dangerous memory. Mary not only gave thanks for this revolution. She intuitively realized she was part of the revolution.

Take it from a German! A Faith Alive

It was an Irish celebration. But it was a profound celebration of a faith that goes far beyond just people of Irish heritage. It touched me deeply.

Reflection on the Assumption of Mary, with Fr. Frank Sacks, C.M.

In this video, Fr. Frank Sacks, CM, reflects on the Assumption of Mary body and soul into heaven.

Our Changing Images

Our Changing Images

Our images change over time. Sometimes others never get past the images and roles we had earlier in life. Other times they come to appreciate things they did not see earlier or traits we only developed later. Might that apply to our images of Mary?

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