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Articles for Pope Francis

A Daring Prudence – Systemic Change

“… create a Family that looks to the past for inspiration, but is also eager to create a vibrant innovative collaborative future in the service of the most abandoned.” Fr. Robert Maloney

The Pope Video • The World of Finance

“The Pope Video” series continues! Watch the latest 2-minute installment: The World of Finance.

Mary and the Mommy School

Three words sum up Mary’s attitude: listening, decision, action. They are words that point out a way for us too as we face what the Lord asks of us in life. Listening, decision, action. (Pope Francis)

Called to Ecological Conversion

One of the themes threaded throughout Laudato Si’ is the need for an ecological conversion.

Called to Ecological Conversion

In Search of Dignity

We as human beings, throughout the world, are faced with a problem that should be causing each of us to search inside ourselves and ask “am I responsible for someone’s loss of dignity?” 

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