The Pope Video • For the terminally ill

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Church, Formation, Reflections

The Pope asks us to pray that the sick who are in the final stages of life, and their families, receive the necessary medical and human care and accompaniment.

Pope Francis – February 2024

When some people talk about terminal illnesses, there are two words they often confuse: incurable and un-carable. But they are not the same.
Even when little chance for a cure exists, every sick person has the right to medical, psychological, spiritual and human assistance.
Sometimes they can’t talk; sometimes we think they don’t recognize us. But if we take them by the hand, we know they are relating with us.
Healing is not always possible, but we can always care for the sick person, caress them.
Saint John Paul II used to say, “cure if it is possible; always take care.”
And this is where palliative care comes in. It guarantees the patient not only medical attention, but also human assistance and closeness.
Families should not be left alone in these difficult moments.
Their role is decisive. They need access to adequate means so as to provide appropriate physical, spiritual and social support.
Let us pray that the terminally ill and their families always receive the necessary medical and human care and assistance.

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