Articles for Advocacy

Speaking the Truth to Power at Any Age

Profiles in courage from the present and the past, young and old.

“Blessed Are Those Who Hunger and Thirst for Justice”

“Jesus himself warns us that the path he proposes goes against the flow, even making us challenge society by the way we live and, as a result, becoming a nuisance.”

Ever Wanted a Do-over?

Ever Wanted a Do-over? Vincent did! I suspect we all have. How about helping others rebuild their lives by speaking out on their behalf?

Questions for Digital Passersby and Good Samaritans

The Voice of the Poor, the wounded on the road to Jericho today. Some questions for digital passersby and good Samaritans.

When St. Vincent spoke the truth to power…

When St. Vincent spoke the truth to power…

When St. Vincent spoke the truth to power… and what we can do today! Vincent’s courage in speaking the truth to power While Vincent is best known for his practical works of charity, he also served as an advocate for the poor before the highest authorities, at times at...

Seeing Better and Systemic Change

Seeing Better and Systemic Change

In his wonderful new book Vincentian Meditations, Tom McKenna has a chapter on “seeing better.” He asks “what does standing under Vincent’s influence do to an individual?” And one response is that one can see better. That can mean many things but it might would...

Seeing Better and Systemic Change


“Those on top, like politicians and church leaders, talk a lot about peace, but not about justice, because speaking of peace sounds good to others on top and to the naïve on the bottom, but to speak of justice sounds bad to those on top because it opens the eyes of...

Seeing Better and Systemic Change

Bullfights and Systemic Change

It caught my eye immediately. A statue on his desk—a bullfight scene. But not what you would expect. This one was strikingly different—here the bull was sitting on the matador holding him down! Talk about the unexpected. A paradigm shift? No, a complete reversal! We...

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