Vincentians of every branch are often shy, or at least trying to be humble. Humility is a great goal. But not advocating isn’t the same as humility. Here’s how Daughter of Charity Julie Kubasak is trying to advocate for a cause to which she and the Daughters of Charity have committed their lives. Real people with real commitments inspire more real commitments! From their “End Poverty in California” Facebook page:

Meet Sister Julie Kubasak. She’s a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, a group of courageous nuns who have been serving poor families across California for more than 150 years. Today, they continue helping the nearly two million kids in CA who experience poverty.

Join Sister Julie and thousands of other concerned Californians to #EndChildPoverty once and for all. Together, we can help our most vulnerable children. Sign up today.

Tags: Advocacy


  1. Sr. Marjory Ann Baez, D.C.

    Great video!

  2. Tom McK

    Moving and convincing…

  3. ann laidlaw

    Who will speak if we don’t; you remind us to speak and act for our neighbour