Articles for John Freund

Updating Our Mental Maps of Ministry

Are we aware of the changing landscape of poverty and new needs? Do we need to update our mental maps?

What Are the Two Greatest Systemic Changes in Human History?

A quick quiz! What are the two greatest systemic changes in human history?  (Here’s an important clue – They are interrelated!)

The Systemic Change That Began In Mary’s Womb

Have you ever thought of the birth of Jesus as the greatest systemic change?

Thanksgiving with Mary … and a Dangerous Memory

Mary’s Magnificat is a dangerous memory. Mary not only gave thanks for this revolution. She intuitively realized she was part of the revolution.

A new face for FamVin! Fr. Aidan Rooney

A new face for FamVin! Fr. Aidan Rooney

Father Aidan Rooney, CM has been asked by the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission to further develop and implement the approved strategic plan and to succeed me as the coordinator of the FamVin Project.

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