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Articles for Feast Days

St. Louise’s Road to Humility

A presentation from Chapter 15 of “Louise de Marillac: Come Winds or High Waters” by Élisabeth Charpy, D.C., (2018).

Louise de Marillac and the Priests of the Mission

Louise reflected on what she came to know about the early Congregation of the Mission and, as she liked to do with the important events of her life, she put her reflections into writing. The relationship and collaboration between St. Louise, the Daughters of Charity,...

The Prayer Life of Louise de Marillac

“As we say about some of the people in the Bible, so too we can say that Louise walked with God (Cf., Genesis 5:22).”

St. Louise: In Her Own Words

Reading the letters of St. Louise helps us see her humanness, as opposed to thinking of her as some faraway Saint.

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