Feast Days

Renewal of vows of the Daughters of Charity explained

On the feast of the Annunciation (usually March 25 but this year celebrated on April 8), Daughters of Charity all over the world will renew their vows. Why do the Daughters take annual vows? Listen as Sr. Pauline Lawlor, D.C., explains.

February 7 – Feast of Blessed Rosalie Rendu, D.C.

A presentation: Five Faces of Rosalie Rendu by Fr. Robert Maloney, C.M.

Blessed Rosalie Rendu: Spiritual and Human Portrait (Feast Day: February 7)

Who was this simple country girl who became a great symbol of Our Lord’s loving mercy toward those who are poor?

January 7: Blessed Lindalva Justo de Oliveira, D.C.

From the International Daughters of Charity website, "Sister Lindalva was the first woman to be beatified in Brazil. She was still a young Daughter of Charity, 4 years vocation, when she was martyred. Her fidelity to her vocation and her love for everyone without...
Journey of St. Joan Antida Thouret

Journey of St. Joan Antida Thouret

The story of St. Joan Antida Thouret (also known as Jeanne Antide Thouret (in French), and Giovanna Antida Thouret (in Italian)), is a great inspiration for us as Vincentians. Her story seems to tell us: “Don’t give up just because things seem to be going badly.”

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