Articles for Feast Days

Journey of St. Joan Antida Thouret

The story of St. Joan Antida Thouret (also known as Jeanne Antide Thouret (in French), and Giovanna Antida Thouret (in Italian)), is a great inspiration for us as Vincentians: basically “Don’t give up just because things seem to be going badly.”

To the Virgin Mary With Saint Louise (Video)

A new video by the Daughters of Charity International is appropriate for both Mary’s Month of May and the Feast of St. Louise.

Multi-faceted Louise de Marillac: “A Saint for Everyone” (Video)

On May 9 we will celebrate the feast day of Saint Louise de Marillac. Learn more in this video by the Daughters of Charity International.

St. Louise de Marillac: An Outgoing Woman Full of Tenderness

One of the most outstanding and perhaps least commented upon aspects of St. Louise’s character is her tenderness.

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