May 30: Blessed Marta Wiecka, D.C. (Video from Daughters of Charity International)

by | May 26, 2023 | Daughters of Charity, Formation

The latest video from the Daughters of Charity International is called “Given to God,” about Sister Marta Wiecka who was born on 12 January 1874 in Nowy Wiec, Poland.

Sister Marta Wiecka was born on 12 January 1874 in Nowy Wiec, Poland, into a large and deeply Christian family. At the age of seven, Marta began to attend school. She had a positive influence on her classmates by her words and especially by the example of her life. Her cousin Lucja writes: “During the time we were studying at school in our home village, Marta had many friends, thanks to her serenity and cheerfulness. At the age of fifteen, Marta’s future became clear in her heart: she felt called by God and wrote to Father Dabrowski, her Spiritual Director, and then to the Daughters of Charity in Chelmno, to ask to be admitted to the Company.