Congregation of the Mission

Fr. Fausz Awarded for Community Service

Serving as pastor of three San Antonio churches would be enough to keep most priests busy. For Fr. Kevin Fausz, C.M., that is just the beginning.

New Book: The biography of John Gowan CM, 1817-1897

Promotor of Young Ireland, organiser of famine relief in Wicklow, co-founder of the Holy Faith Sisters, Irish speaker, pilgrim, and a mean handball player: this was John Gowan.

A Missionary Christmas Story for Advent Reflection

Reflection on this story from my past history as a missionary has helped me to grasp more fully the understanding of Advent as the great mystery which leads us to the celebration of the Incarnation of Christ at Christmas. By Fr. Gregory Gay, C.M.

St. Vincent and the Congregation of the Mission 1625-1660

In Vincent’s time, the poor were largely neglected, illiterate, and spiritually ignorant. The clergy were sadly inadequate. St. Vincent founded the Congregation of the Mission to preach to the country poor and to help reform the clergy.

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