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Articles for Congregation of the Mission

Ready and Able: A Vincentian Story

This documentary follows two newly ordained Vincentian Catholic priests during their first year of ministry.

Lent: Preparing to Celebrate Easter

In this Coffee Break, Fr. Bob Gielow, CM, talks about some reasons to “celebrate”, and offers some practical suggestions for Lent.

January 25th, a Pivotal Date for the Vincentian Family and the Congregation of the Mission

On January 25th, the feast of the Conversion of Saint Paul, we celebrate the foundation of the Congregation of the Mission.

The Original Apostolates of the Congregation of the Mission

As part of a lecture given at the Centre International de Formation (CIF), Father John E. Rybolt, C.M. outlines the history of the apostolic activity of the Congregation of the Mission. Thank you to DePaul University for posting the Selected Works of Fr. Rybolt...
EMMY Blesses Good News!

EMMY Blesses Good News!

“God is with us. This is the message of hope that we want to shout from the rooftops, that we want to beam over the airwaves, that we want to put on the front page of our publications and post on our social media accounts.”

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