Articles for Congregation of the Mission

Jean-Marie Odin, C.M.: Vincentian Missionary on the American Frontier

Jean-Marie Odin, CM leaves a great legacy in the history of the Congregation of the Mission. He became one of America’s most renowned Catholic frontier missionaries.

“Song on the Scaffold” of Bl. Pierre René Rogue, C.M.

Story of the “Song on the Scaffold” of Blessed Pierre René Rogue, C.M., martyr of the French Revolution.

The CM Chinese Province during COVID-19: Long-distance Solidarity in Action

When the news of the coronavirus (COVID-19) broke out among the local people in China, all confreres except one were already back home.

The Vincentian Parish Mission 1625-1660

For the sake of the country poor, St. Vincent de Paul founded the Congregation of the Mission to preach and educate the people.

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